MPPC® in a Nutshell

Welcome to the world of MPPC, where innovation meets precision in photon counting technology. Explore our unique Silicon-photomultiplier, designed for scientific experiments. Discover how MPPC outshines its competition, providing unparalleled benefits for your projects.

Experiments such as the LHCb SciFi tracker and ASTRI have harnessed the power of MPPC, delivering exceptional results. For more insights into experiments linked with MPPCs, visit our Behind the Science page.

MPPC: Revolutionizing Photon Detection

What makes the MPPC so successful in these experiments? Our expertise lies in the customization of the Multi-Pixel Photon Counter (MPPC) to meet specific project needs. Clients trust our products for high-stakes experiments, benefiting from our commitment to quality and our ability to offer large-scale customization within strict deadlines. With an in-depth understanding of each experiment's intricate requirements and a flexible manufacturing infrastructure, we turn even the most challenging customization needs into reality.

Crack Open the Nutshell: What Sets This Product Apart?

The MPPC utilizes avalanche photodiode pixels (APD) operating in Geiger mode. Its standout features include excellent photon-counting capability, making it ideal for detecting extremely weak light at the photon-counting level. Operating on low voltage, it offers: 

  • A high multiplication ratio (gain)
  • High photon detection efficiency
  • Fast response
  • Excellent time resolution
  • A wide spectral range


Dive deeper into its intricacies through our curated articles, each unveiling a specific facet of this cutting-edge technology. Whether you're captivated by improved photon detection efficiency, heightened accuracy with low dark count rates, or rare event detection capabilities, the MPPC promises a journey of discovery.

Improved photon detection efficiency

One of the most important parameters for MPPCs is Photon Detection Efficiency (PDE). Read more to gain insights on how to boost near-UV PDE with custom solutions.

Low dark count rate for increased accuray

Contrary to standard photodetectors, MPPCs have special characteristics such as Dark Count Rate. Explore how to minimize dark count rate & boost measurement accuracy.

Advanced low radio isotope device for revealing rare events

Enhance the detection limitation of detectors while simultaneously minimizing the presence of radioactive substances. Find out more!

Reducing pileup

Discover how you can overcome the challenge of pileup so you can elevate photon detection accuracy and optimize signal speed.

Long-term reliability for VUV detection

Experience long-term reliability in VUV detection with our cutting-edge, resin-free devices. Read more!

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