High energy physics stories - Behind the science High energy physics stories - Behind the science

Behind the Science

Welcome to Behind the Science. You will find a series of short stories revealing the key technology, known as photonics, behind some of the most exciting high-energy physics experiments, which strive to uncover the mysteries of our universe.


Our stories relate some of the most fascinating research infrastructures across Europe. Each of these is working tirelessly to reveal the true nature of neutrinos, research dark matter and explain how our universe came into being. 


Hamamatsu Photonics is proud to have been able to participate in the design of these projects by providing highly sophisticated optical detectors and sensors. 

Every piece of technology has been carefully selected to withstand some of the most demanding environments, whether that is thousands of meters underground or even under the sea. Each and every step we make in improving our solutions is a step closer to uncovering the truth behind our universe. 


Follow our stories as they will be revealed little by little through the course of the next few months. 


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What started as a small study has grown to be one of the most impressive. Discover the groundbreaking XENONnT experiment, from humble beginnings to 10 tons of liquid xenon! Uncover its story here!

CERN Story


As the latest jewel in CERN's crown, the LHC continues to push the boundaries of human knowledge, unraveling the secrets of the universe through high-energy collisions and pioneering experiments.

KM3NeT: Deep under the Meditarrean Sea


Discover KM3NeT's intricate submarine operation & how Hamamatsu's cutting-edge photomultiplier tubes play a key role. Learn more now!


Lead by their desire to create unprecedented technology, soon the Cherenkov Telescope Array will be the world’s largest and most sensitive high-energy gamma-ray observatory.


Orbiting Earth every 90 minutes, the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope scans the sky, capturing elusive high-energy events that remain hidden from the human eye. Explore now!

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