Physics Research Field - High Energy Physics

Physics Research Field

Physics Research Field - Hamamatsu Photonics


Discover the fascinating world of Neutrinos - the elusive particles that unlock secrets of the deep universe. Learn more now!

Dark Matter

Unlock the secrets of dark matter's nature and its role in particle physics using advanced Hamamatsu technology. Join us on this journey!

Cosmic Particles

Discover the world of cosmic particles - pulsars, supernova remnants & more! Unravel our universe's mysteries today. Learn more!

Hadron and Nuclei Spectroscopy

Explore Hadron & Nuclei Spectroscopy: Unlock the secrets of particle physics and dive into the world of quarks & gluons. Discover more!

Standard Model Validation

Get to know the building blocks of matter through the Standard Model Validation! Understand quarks, leptons, and the fundamental forces. Read more and unlock the secrets of matter!