Si strip detector


Single-sided SSD for high energy particle position detection


The Si strip detector (SSD) is a Si photodiode with PN junctions (particle detection structures) that are several micrometers to several tens of micrometers in width arranged in a strip formation. Developed specifically for the J-PARC muon g-2/EDM experiment*, this SSD can detect precise incident positions of high-energy particles with remarkable accuracy. It has an active area of about 97 × 97 mm and can detect positions over a wide area.

- High voltage tolerance
- High radiation tolerance
- Low dark current

Type Poly Si-bias AC-readout
Si thickness 320 ±15 μm
Si crystal plane direction <100>
Breakdown voltage min. 200 V
Dark current max. 3 μA
Full depletion voltage max. 100 V
Defective strip rate max. 5 %

Dimensional outline (unit: mm)

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